About Hammam

While relaxing at Minaqua Fitness hammam, all your senses enjoy an exotic ambience with sky fool of stars.

Hammam capacity: 3 persons

Professional automatic parameter tuning.

Hammam is recommended for those who suffer from a serious illness, respiratory disease, blood flow problems or high blood pressure. If you are unsure about how to use hammam, consult your doctor.

Due to the temperature of 50ºC and humidity of 100% compared to the sauna which has 80ºC and humidity of 2% to 30%, hammam is more comfortable to stay. In the hammam, compared to the steam bath, the floor, walls and benches are heated, so that no heavy fog is generated and humidity reaches almost 100%. The pleasant humid heat from 45ºC to 50ºC is very pleasing to those who cannot withstand the heat in sauna, and the body gradually heats up.

At the times when we have a lack of energy or something troubles, us on a mental and physical level, we seek help, something nice and pleasing. Essential oils and aromatherapy can be one of them.

Aromatherapy acts on:

  • fatigue, exhaustion and depression,
  • physical pain, headache, faster healing of wounds,
  • digestive problems and nausea,
  • problems caused by hormonal changes,
  • excretion of toxins from the body through sweating,
  • boosting the immune system and regenerating,
  • carving fat and increasing skin tone,
  • stress, relaxation and concentration.

The stay in the hammam ends with a rinse with warm water. After a steam bath, a cold shower is recommended. Hammam treatment refreshes and softens our skin, with a mesmerizing feeling of relaxation.

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