About pool

Pool Dimensions: 25 m x 10 m

Depth: 1,54 m

Water temperature: 31,5 ° C

Humidity: 50-60%, this gives special comfort during swimming

Hydro massage jets: 23 pieces

Hydro massage jets are on 4 different heights providing the opportunity to massage the whole body.

5 pieces of Turbo Water jet set up in the front of the pool, allow for simultaneous anti-current swimming for 10 swimmers and more.

Hydro-massage pool with mineralized thermal water, at  Minaqua Fitness Club, is a place where you can relax and enjoy: hydro massage, swim anti-current, practice aquarobic. Hydro massages can be for different contents, for different parts of the body, there are nozzle coming from the floor of the pool for feet and calves, through the ones flowing from the walls for legs and back, to those that let the water flow over the pool with different intensity, for shoulders and neck.

Hydro massage is very useful for rheumatic conditions, disorders of the venous circulation, it relieves physical and mental fatigue and tension. It is used for muscle relaxation, stiffness and relaxation. It has a positive effect on stress relief.

Swimming benefits in mineralized thermal water

Swimming is a recreation that is recommended to everyone. Not only for fitness, but also for benefit of the cardiovascular system and maintaining in shape. This is why swimming is the best exercise, it engages all our muscle, so our hearts, lungs and other organs are grateful for it.

Swimming is a great therapy for anyone with asthma. Rhythmic breathing during swimming, breathing and exhaling in a certain way, develops lungs.

Swimming is recommended for those who have ankle problem. People who have arthritis can also enjoy swimming as well as people with hypertension.

There are many studies that have confirmed that after a stressful day, water flushes out all stress and worry. Rhythmic moves achieved in swimming, sound of water and gentle body movements, affect the central nervous system so the secretion of stress hormones is reduced. Practically, swimming has a sedative effect.

Only 30 minutes of swimming a day and you have a positive effect on the heart, lungs, reduce stress levels, improve sleep and beneficial effect on asthma.

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