MineralizED Thermal Water

Characteristics and composition of thermal mineralized water

(HCO) (Na+) (Cl¯) (Ca2+) (Mg2+) (K+) (J)

Thermal – mineralized water in our swimming pool comes from a spring, 193 m beneath the ground at 27 ° C. This is the only water in this part of the Europe, with iodine and as such is a natural source of iodine. Its valuable mineral composition helps to treat sensitive skin and signs of aging.

The iodine content is exactly what makes MINAQUA, in its beneficial effect on your body and soul, similar to seawater. The concentration of salt in water is approximately equal to that in seawater, it refreshes, strengthens the muscles, stimulates the heart and circulation, tones the skin and makes it smooth, relaxes and is a good stress reliever.

How important iodine is to our body is the fact that its deficiency has lasting effects on human health, especially during pregnancy and the first years of a baby’s life. Iodine deficiency can be the cause of hypothyroidism, goiter, hypertension and cardiovascular disease, enlargement of the trachea or esophagus which can eventually result in thyroid cancer. In women, iodine deficiency is linked to fibrocystic breast disease.

Positive impact of swimming in mineralized thermal water

Mineralized thermal water is beneficial and it reduces negative effects of stress, on our health.

Staying in thermal water reduces muscle tension, increases tissue blood flow, revitalizes and strengthens our immune system. It reduces the negative effects of stress on health, stimulates body cleansing, and revives our defense mechanism.

And finally, what we all, definitely, need – swimming in thermal water releases endorphin – a hormone of happiness.

4 reasons why swimming in mineralized thermal water should be part of your routine

It Strengths skin resistance to external influences – research results show that exposure to water for 15 minutes, significantly increases the activity of catalase (an enzyme that protects cells from UV rays), compared to untreated skin.

It restere epidermis – Mineralized thermal water has been proven to stimulate epidermis renewal by strengthening the skin barrier, which also improves skin condition.

Skin Soothing – Soothing mineralized water acts on first signs of age. It eliminates inflammation, redness and other signs of sensitive skin. A clinical trial conducted by L’Oréal on 27 sensitive skin patients, evaluated the effectiveness of mineralized thermal water when applied to the face and affected skin areas twice a day, for a month. The results showed a significant reduction in all clinical signs of sensitive skin.

It restore skin balance – tests have shown that mineralized thermal water helps maintain a stable pH level, which protects the skin from inflammation and discomfort.

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