Minaqua Fitness sauna features

  • Minaqua Fitness Club contains a special, Bio and Finnish sauna.
  • The stones that we use is special volcanic stones – Paraph from Iceland.
  • Sauna capacity is 8 to 10 persons.
  • The sauna provides natural environmentfor – meranti wood, thermal aspen and Finnish thermal aspen, with no knots or resin and it does not heat at high temperature.
  • The air temperature is from 55 ° C to 100  ° C, while the humidity is 15% to 25%. Intensive watering of stones is recommended, it increases the percentage of humidity and ions in the air, which in fact has a calming effect on the human nervous system. “Wet heat” is actually the most useful. Temperatures in the bio sauna range from 50-65 °C, and in the Finnish sauna from 80-100 °C.
  • In the bio and Finnish sauna there is a salt wall made of Himalayan bricks.

The salt wall in our sauna is beneficial for health, in terms of antiseptic and antiallergic effect. A large amount of salt improves air quality, it creates a concentration of negative ions that have beneficial, efect on the respiratory and cardiovascular system, the immune system, as well as the metabolism of the user. In addition, staying near the salt wall accelerates the secretion of serotonin (the hormone of happiness), and it has an impact on the psychological state, the fight against depression. Negatively charged ions improves mood, eliminate headache, malaise, poor concentration, insomnia, neuroses and enhance immunity. They also have a positive effect on breathing and heart function. Saline therapy is used as an adjunctive method in the treatment of upper and lower respiratory and skin diseases. People with chronic allergies, such as asthmatics, are advised to stay by the salt wall.

Recommendation for using the sauna

When using the sauna, never rush in, leave time for yourself. Courses of 10-12 minutes are recommended and it can be repeated 2 or 3 times. You must drink a lot of fluids because sweating and loss of water. Between two stays in sauna you can refresh your body with cold water.

In order to promote beneficial effects on health, especially on the airways, mainly at the end of the session, hot stones are poured with water and aromatic oils. In sauna conditions, the skin temperature goes up to 40 ° C and even 42 ° C, while the internal body temperature rises only 1 or 2 degrees.

Staying in sauna is a personal matter. Listen to your body and do as you feel. Initially, you should stay few minutes, depending on the temperature. After cooling, you can return and stay longer, for about ten minutes.

 The last shower is always done with warm water because cold shower would cause the pores to narrow, resulting in an uncomfortable subsequent sweat. After the shower, dry well and dress.

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