About Minaqua Fitness

New fitness club with modern facilities and thermo-mineralized water with controlled temperature and humidity is located at 93b Futoski Put Street (MINAQUA building, an entrance is across Univerexport’s parking lot) on 900 m2.

Wellness club MINAQUA FITNESS offers saunas (for women and men), hamam bath, swimming pool, hydro massages, fitness.

Thermo mineralized water

Minaqua thermo mineralized water is very special, compared to other thermal waters because it is natural source of iodine. Swimming 3 times a week in thermo mineralized water is beneficial for the whole body.


Hydro-massage pool with mineralized thermal water, in Minaqua Fitness Club, is a place where you can relax and enjoy – hydromassage, anti-current swimming, practice aquarobic. Only 30 minutes of swimming a day, positively effects on our heart, lungs, reduces stress, improves sleep and beneficialy effects on asthma sufferers.

Small pool

Small hydro massage pool with mineralized thermal water.


Sauna improves body’s resistance to infectious diseases, especially the respiratory tract, strengthens the heart, stabilizes blood pressure, contributes to the secretion of hormones and improves the functioning of the vegetative nervous system, regenerates skin tissue, removes skin impurity, relaxes muscles, improves general psychophysical state, maintain your physical fitness because you releases toxins.


While relaxing at Minaqua Fitness hamam, all your senses enjoy an exotic ambience with sky fool of stars.


EXCLUSIVE – Roll shape massager, the whole body anti-cellulite massager – available in Minaqua Fitness zone.



We are waiting for you everyday till 9pm. Give yourself the rest that you deserve. 


Dear guests, all our contents are in your disposal! Enjoy!


We are here to fulfill all your wishes! Welcome to Minaqua Fitness!

Morning training

Start your morning with training in Minaqua Fitness! That’s the best way to start your day! See you! 


Our swimming props for strengthen your muscles and enjoy your swimming! We are waiting for you! 

You can read more about swimming benefits in mineralized thermal water,
iodine and the importance of wellness, here.