EXCLUSIVE – Roll shape massager, whole body anti-cellulite massager, allows you to simultaneously massage and expose your body to the beneficial effects of collagen, ionized air, color therapy and infrared radiation heat (ovde ubaciti slike i video koji ću ti poslati). The roll shape massager offers the possibility of massaging 16 different body parts, detailes in our fitness zone.

Roll shape offers 16 different positions for massage, for all body parts. Come to our fitness zone for more details. 

Mini trampolines – a worldwide recognized trend of Jumping fitness allows you to exercise and enjoy good music at the same time, encouraging good mood. (slike i video koji ću ti poslati)

,,Poor Bob” – an anti-stress treatment – great for relieving from daily stress buildup. You practice punching like a professional boxer, while, at the same time, emptying your body from negative energy.

The main goal of wellness is to take care of health, mind balance, physical and mental relaxation, as well as ultimately maintaining inner peace. Minaqua Fitness will give you all of that.

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